Article appearing in Ranch and Rural Living magazine, April, 2007.

Article appearing in Ranch and Rural Living magazine, June, 2007.


No Power Lines? No Problem!

Article appearing in The Cattleman magazine, May, 2004.

Printed articles by or about Southwest Texas Solar and Ronnie Sauer:

Photovoltaic-Powered Water Pumping Systems in New York State, Final Report, July 2002

Project provided New York State farmers with a cost-effective and dependable method for watering dairy or beef cattle in operations where grid-based electrical power was not available.


The Missouri Department of Natural Resources report, 2001 Solar-powered water pumps combined with Intensive Grazing Systems have been successfully demonstrated and the department proposes using them on a broader scale.


Case Study for Water Supply in Yemen The economics of solar electric systems were† favorable compared with grid extension or diesel generators.


Commonwealth of Virginia Press Release, November, 1998 Solar electricity provides a cost-effective substitute for conventional fuels used for water pumping in remote livestock operations.


Living in a Solar World, Readerís Digest, Canada, September, 2004† Agricultural regions beyond the reach of the power grid can benefit from solar-powered water pumps

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Southwest Texas Electric Cooperative is a member owned electric utility that serves all or parts of Schleicher, Sutton, Menard, Tom Green, Irion, Reagan, Upton, Crockett, Pecos, Val Verde, Concho, and Edwards counties.


Southwest TX Electric Cooperative NEWS Announcing the sale of the solar subsidiary to Ronnie Sauer.

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