Benefits of Solar Pumps


· Lower installation & operating costs than a windmill

· Avoid cost of power line extension to well site

· Eliminate monthly meter charge

· Tank float-level switch option

We are ready to assist you by designing the most economical Solar Water System

for your watering needs based on your water depth and location.


We have the technology for any application

and we serve clients all over the world!

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Text Box: Here is a typical water well installation 
showing all the components used 
to supply water to remote locations.

n Do you have a windmill that needs to be replaced?


n Do you need additional water for livestock and wild game at locations where electrical power is not readily available?


n New developments in solar technology now makes it both practical and feasible to provide generous quantities of water in remote areas where electrical power is either not available or not economically feasible.

Solar panels




Text Box: A variety of solar pumps is available to meet your water production needs. 
The leading solar pump manufacturers in this industry are Grundfos and Shurflo.

Grundfos Pump Benefits


· Generous water production

· Great long-life performance

· Low maintenance costs

· Produce water from depths of over 650 feet

· No electronic controller required

· Made from non-corrosive stainless steel

· Dry well protection

· Operates on AC or DC power

· Easy to connect generator or battery backup


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of your particular application. 

Shurflo Pump Benefits


· Lower installation costs

· Easily installed

· Excellent shallow water pump

· All components replaceable

· Dry well protection

· Will operate off battery

· 12V or 24V DC operation

· Available in surface & submersible pumps


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the estimated cost

of your particular application. 

What will it cost me?


Tell us what your water needs are and we will send you the specifics of a solar water system including price and all components  -  at no obligation!


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Federal Financial Incentives


· 30% Federal Tax Incentives (tax credit)

· Additional financial aid may be available through the FDA’s Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Click here for additional info.




1. Installations in southwest USA


2. Photos of project in Haiti, 2011


3. Videos of project in Haiti, 2011:


  a. System test


  b. Mayor throws



  c. Children of Haiti

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